Lipstick + Heels changed my life…kind of.

5 thoughts on “Lipstick + Heels changed my life…kind of.”

  1. Just my $0.02 (on a topic that I love to explore and and want to help people with!)

    All that exists is the now. Even if you do not mentally “let go” of the RJD of the past, everything else in the Universe already has. Even your body is not what it was – it might look or feel the same, but you are continuously (on a cellular level) dying and being reborn. It’s helpful to walk with our life lessons and apply them – that’s why we get life lessons – but in every moment you are stepping into the *you* that exists in that moment.

    Also, we show up in the world exactly as we are, at all times – the way you dress it up is the way you show up in life. The RJD that is embodied so well by heels and lipstick showed up before you decided that heels and lipstick represented her so well. The RJD in the past, who “protected” herself was actually showing off exactly who she was. Whether other people perceive what you are showing off is another story…but people tend to get the message.

    1. Hey girl!

      I’m still taking time to think about all that you’ve written. Thanks so much for being so thoughtful and supportive as I muddle through this stuff. I’d love to see you write more extensively about this! *hint hint*. Checking out your website again now.



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