Poppin Tags!…on sale, though…

4 thoughts on “Poppin Tags!…on sale, though…”

  1. I’m with you on the fabric. Down here in NC it was suburban-style fabric stores, but I now question much of fabric and even stiching thanks to my mom’s skills on the sewing machine. I’ve also bought stuff knowing she could alter it, i.e. the dress in my profile/newspaper picture. Also love how well made those Calvin Klein shift dresses are and how cheap Ross(T.J. Maxx style joint) has them down here.

    1. Kristen, yes! I also buy clothes knowing they can be altered. And Calvin Klein is THE answer for most women. He’s my go-to designer. Him and Michael Kors. By the way, congrats on the article!!! It was fantastic.

      1. Thanks. It was fun to shoot and quite the unexpected opportunity. I’m also thankful I had something clean that I wouldn’t mind being immortalized, lol.

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