White Women Done Lost their Minds: The (Continued) Assault of Black Women

12 thoughts on “White Women Done Lost their Minds: The (Continued) Assault of Black Women”

  1. Ironically, Venus Hottentot consented to the shenanigans white people put her through. Much to the chagrin of the contemporary societies that advocated for an end to that charade. Everyone has the right to sell their body–at least in this fashion.

    But the worst part about this blog entry is another irony: missing the irony. You’re criticizing the Lily Allen video for an entirely wrong reason.
    >>> Because these black women are sexually suggestive, Lily Allen doesn’t have to do that work. Lily Allen’s critique of Miley Cyrus misses the mark.<<<

    No, you missed the mark. Because THAT WAS THE POINT.

    Much like how people consistently missed the point when critiquing "Blurred Lines;" at least Allen's song contains a line to sum up the problem you face in this article in terms of the visual and lyrical depictions: "if you can't detect the sarcasm, you've misunderstood."

    1. You don’t know too much about Sara Baartman. She did not have much agency and choice. She was little more than a slave. Tricked from her home to perform in Europe. She saw very little of the money that her bosses made off of her and she did not have the agency to say no or make another choice. Her life was filled with fear and uncertainty, so much so that when she was interviewed by possibly well meaning white folks concerned about her exploitation, she did not feel free to complain or seek her freedom.

      Also, the critique of Allen’s video is on point in this blog. Allen could have made her feminist statement and critique in a different manner that would have been understood by all. The background dancers could have come in with college caps and gowns and then been stripped of them and forced to twerk by the producers. They could have been cast as victims of the industry too. Instead, Allen complains prettily about white women’s exploitation while taking part in the degradation and exploitation of black women. She throws money at them like hookers, just as the music producers pull Allen’s strings to make a profit off of her body. Allen’s video is poor satire and it misses the point.

      But, I think your response was just about making apologies for these white pseudo feminists.

      1. Yalegirl03,

        Thank you so much for your comment! I completely agree with your points, especially this one: “Instead, Allen complains prettily about white women’s exploitation while taking part in the degradation and exploitation of black women.” Love it. I hope you continue reading!

    2. Undisclosed,

      First, thank you for your comment. Sarah Baartman, or Venus Hottentot may have consented to coming to Europe, but the amount of agency she had while in England and France was limited. As Yalegirl03 points out, once she was there, she wasn’t able to get out of the agreement. She was exploited in life and after death. Your comment doesn’t really discuss the troubling things that happened to her body after she died. She most certainly did not want her dead body on display.

      I am well aware of the irony of Lily Allen’s video; however, I still find it disrespectful and hurtful. There is no need to engage in the misappropriation of black women’s bodies for her to make her point. Everything offensive is labeled as satirical; I’d think the video would be smarter if she made her point without using black women’s bodies to make her point.

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  3. Did no one notice the white or Asian women in Lily Allen’s video? Why are you only upset about the “exploitation” of the black women in the video? And as far as “Allen complains prettily about white women’s exploitation”…um, where exactly did Allen say any of it had anything to do with race? While you talk about how white feminists should stand up for black women without later turning their backs on them, etc, you seem to miss that Allen made a feminist statement about WOMEN. Or, in your opinion, should it always be divided into white and black? (Never mind that poor Asian girl, she’ll have to fend for herself.)

  4. I understand the video and performance of M.C. as a critique of the objectification of females (using exegaration) in the entertainment industry including fashion ind. and adult entertainment.

  5. To my black sisters ……..you know better than this…….we are raised to be more respectable than most women…..put your clothes back on.

  6. You should have stuck with your first superlative, “ALL the FAMOUS white women”, and not continued with, “white people have ALWAYS… black people cannot do ANYTHING… reflect the racial attitude of the [ENTIRE?] U.S…. EVERY black woman…can be mistreated by ANY white person… maligned by EVERYONE at EVERY opportunity.” (caps-mine) Absolutes like these are offensive and prejudicial in their own right; and in this context and in my opinion, causes harm to the cause.
    However, I agree that Nolan, Cyrus and Allen made tasteless and irreverent choices for black female portrayals.

  7. Hi Rachel,

    Go further and talk about the what was done to perpetuate self hatred, i.e. men ashamed to simply let their hair be short and natural and women who are ashamed of their hair naturally. What was done to make Black people define themselves by images of obesity and baboonery.

    I love that despite some of these stupid replies you maintain the composure of the Faith. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

    Your brother,



    So you take a few white women who made ridiculous choices, and you ask if ALL famous white women are Rising Up and Waging War, eh?

    Will you do me a favor – please post a link to your article chastising Famous Black Women who do the same thing.

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