Ratchet PhDs

5 thoughts on “Ratchet PhDs”

  1. So you saying most black women are loud, insecure, and ghetto no matter how educated they are. Nobody has time for constant drama. Y’all need to learn how to be real women and grow up. You wouldn’t have to fight with boyfriends and ex-girl friends if you would have respect for your self and stop banging anybody.

    1. I love your response because it is true, obviously the author needs to do more research, not every black woman is the same, and yes this goes back to the type of men a woman is dating, she needs to correct herself with the type of men she is dating. Just because you are ratchet does not mean I am, so don’t try to label people because when doing so you make an ass out of yourself.

  2. I think this is good for self-reflection. We all have been there. It is just labeled differently each generation. What once was asked why do fools fall in love, we do dumb things when “in love” or in lust. This is why soul ties is REALLY a major factor. We have SO much power when celibate. When we have sexual relations, we are intertwining with souls and that effects our mental, spiritual as well as emotional well-being if it is not of a healthy relationship. We do not think with our degrees when in the heat of the moment due to being done wrong, cheated on, tossed to the side. It is so important to evaluate who we are for ourselves. Also, reflect on who we want to accept in our lives as a mate and who we will not tolerate. We want a mate to bring out the best in us, not the “ratchet” in us. For those who never had to go through “drama” or had an out-of-character experience, then God bless you. But for those who actually are open enough to admit that yes there were times we got out of character (does not even have to be a fist fight, but even simple exchange of words) , we can only learn from our mis-takes and press forward. #RealityCheck

  3. I completely agree with you! Congrats on obtaining your PhD…. I’m going into my fourth year in my doctoral program, and I’ve been thinking for the longest about the exact same subjects you have written.

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