dating in ny (where have all the christian men gone?)

2 thoughts on “dating in ny (where have all the christian men gone?)”

  1. The struggle is real girl. I’d be lying if I said I was holding out for “the” Christian man. You know, the one us single Christian women dream of marrying: he reads his bible on the daily and prays just as frequently. He’s on the usher board, deacons board, and feeds the homeless on weekends. To be honest, though, I wonder if some of these men weren’t won to Christ because of the character of their wives. I’m sure it’s not the case for all men, but I think men that at least are respectful towards women are exhibiting Godly character, even if they don’t realize it. Is it not worth giving men like that the chance to prove themselves? I’m not saying we have to raise them by any means, but why not celebrate the God in them that we see? No need to get yourself attached to some mess… but it’s food for thought. As always, listen to the Holy Spirit in terms of using better judgement.

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